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About UsPat Cusma Attorney and Counselor at Law provides aggressive and experienced representation to individuals and businesses. We are prepared to litigate on behalf of our clients, fighting to protect their best interests.

Our primary objective is to provide low-cost and exceptional legal services to families. Since the establishment of the firm, we have helped many families protect their finances, rights and futures.

Our practice covers a wide range of services from civil litigation to criminal law, work permits to immigration, property, intellectual property, company registration, family law.

Our attorneys are experienced in managing and litigating difficult circumstances like probate litigation, will contest, employment issues including sexual-harassment instances, divorce issues that range from simple divorce to child support adjustments, first and third-party insurance protection, whistle-blower charges and over time law suits.

Our trial lawyers give the best representation of clients at the lowest possible cost by utilizing their experience.

Our dedicated lawyers represent clients in both state and federal trial courts as well as appellate courts. 



November  1996 -Present


Self employed general practice attorney. Areas of practice include but are not limited to criminal law, family law, real estate, bankruptcy, civil litigation and probate. I have conducted over 25 civil and criminal trials to completion including the selection of juries .


May  1994 -November  1996

Montgomery County Criminal Justice Counsel, Dayton, Ohio.

I was the only staff person for a multi-jurisdictional criminal justice counsel. I was responsible for the scheduling of the bi-monthly meeting of the full counsel and the off monthly meetings of the three standing sub-committees. I recorded and distributed all minutes for all meetings, did all follow up on the initiatives undertaken and answered directly to the Counsels’ chairman .


May  1989 -August  1993

Dayton/Montgomery County Ombudsman Office.


May  1991 -August  1993

Director of Research – Supervision of two full time professional staff and tow administrative support staff. I was responsible for the intake and resolution of citizens’ complaints that came into the office. Analysis of all complaints to determine if their was a systemic problem that needed addressed. Ifa systemic problem was discovered I coordinated efforts between all parties to help to devise and implement a solution. I was responsible for applying for and administering all local grants such as United Way monies. I served on a variety of county wide boards at the direction of the Ombudsman.


March  1990 -May  1991

Director of the Dayton/Montgomery County Fair Housing Agency -Ran a county wide fair housing agency that investigated fair housing complaints filed by citizens. I was responsible for the intake and investigation of fair housing complaints by individuals, filing and supervision of litigation and a comprehensive testing program.





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